Team Art

We had a lovely afternoon today. We could choose which art activity we did and in which class. We were making an art gift to take to the West Harbour Gardens residents when we go there to sing. The choices were all so interesting that it was hard to choose. The children who went to Room 5 made decorations by up-cycling milk bottle lids, they looked very cool. In Room 7 they chose to make Lei. Room 8 used clay and cookie cutters to make their gift and in Room 6 we made 2 different types of Christmas trees. We chose our pipe cleaner colours, chose 5 pieces of paper, measured, glued and then, of course, added some 'bling' to make them look sparkly and beautiful.  Of course, I got so busy I forgot to take photos of our second style of tree...oh well, we might get to make one that we can keep for ourselves at some other time. This exercise was making something that we are going to give away to make someone else feel happy.We think our trees look very beautiful and we hope the people …

Karenza and Scarlet

We were lucky to have Karenza come to visit us with her pet rabbit Scarlet. She gave us a very interesting talk. We learnt lots of things about how to look after a rabbit as a pet, what they eat. What they need for shelter, exercise and why they might need to go to the vet.

We also learnt to never feed them human food! The people who wanted to got the chance to give her a little stroke and a cuddle. Did you know that rabbits do binkies and zoomies?
Thanks Karenza, for coming and sharing your knowledge with us. You are a very confident speaker.  I think lots of us would like to get pet rabbits now. I'm sure we could write a good persuasive argument to Father Christmas for one. So much easier than a hippopotamus for Christmas!


What an interesting way to learn about caring for animals.  We met some animals that many of us had not seen or handled before as well as our usual pets.
We already knew that animals need food and water. We also discovered that they need shelter, exercise and friends. We were happy to be their friends for a brief moment in time.
Sometimes when we were grooming the guinea pigs it was hard to tell which end was which...that reminded us of a reading book that many of us have read called "Just one Guinea Pig".
We set up all the things the mice would need in their habitat to keep them healthy and happy.

Then we all laid on our tummies quietly and watched 'mouse t.v.' as they played in the environment we had set up for them.

Welcome Back to Term 4

Year 2 Newsletter     Term 4  2019
Thursday 17th October 2019
Dear Parents and Caregivers,
It is lovely to see everyone back after the holidays and ready for another busy term. We have some terrific learning experiences planned, and the calendar is looking exciting already! 

In our Inquiry, ‘We Care’, we will be focused on learning about wellbeing. Initially we will be developing the children’s understanding of the needs of animals and how to provide care for small animals. We will then draw the connection to our own needs and wellbeing. The children will investigate how to maintain a healthy body and mind. They will demonstrate their learning by creating a ‘pet rock’ and habitat; describing its needs and how they plan to care for it. We will have the Life Education mobile classroom visiting later in the term to complement our learning. Go to for more information on the Life Education programme.

We will be continuing a tradition of the Year 2 team by visiti…

Buddy Class

Today we met our buddy class for the first time.

We are fortunate to be buddied up with a Year 8 class the senior leaders of our school.

Today we just introduced ourselves and found out a little bit about each other. We will keep the same buddies for a few weeks so we get to know each other a little bit. I wonder how many of us will remember each other's names by next week??
We read a reading book to our big buddies then we shared our ideas of what it was to be a
'bucket filler.' We made a star or a heart to say what we could do to be a bucket filler in our class. Now we are making connections with older students we will recognise in the playground. They can help us if we have a problem. We can say "hello" to them when we see them on Road Patrol or in the Library. Our buddy might even be a world-famous presenter on MVTV and we will know who they are!
Thanks for coming to visit us Miss Erceg and FLS
How very cool for me, that I got to meet up with senior students…

Chinese New Year

We had fun learning about  New Year celebrations in the Chinese culture. One of the activities was making a Chinese dragon. It involved colouring, cutting, lots of folding and attaching a pair of dragon leg handles. Of course, most of the dragons went home with the children but fortunately, a couple wanted to stay at school for a while to go with our New Year display.
We also have lots of lovely pink pigs and learnt to draw pigs with a very catchy little song because of course, this is the Year of the Pig.

Having fun in the Gym

Every Friday we have fun in the gym with our Room 5 neighbours and of course I always forget to take photos! Finally here are some of us practising our large ball skills of throwing, catching and placing and believe me we need lots more if you have a spare moment at the weekend or after tea grab a ball and do some throwing, catching, passing, dribbling with your child, I'm sure you'll both enjoy it!